Program Description » Internship


Candidates enrolled in the program must meet all requirements updated by the Texas Education Agency before beginning an internship. A Statement of Eligibility will be issued to candidates who have completed at least 30-clock hours of field-based experience AND at least 150 hours of coursework AND passed the content exam. 
Program participation does not guarantee an intern position. Candidates seeking intern opportunities MUST accept a position at a TEA-accredited public, charter, or private school in the Region 7 area. Interns MUST be the teacher of record as reported on the campus Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data. Some examples of accepting a position include a letter of agreement for "at will" positions, signing a letter of intent, or signing a contract. The position MUST be in the area where the teacher intern is being certified and MUST be a full-time position. An internship may NOT be held in a distance learning lab setting.