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"Region 7 EPP has many different trainings that cover a wide array of topics that are beneficial for not only new teachers but also veteran teachers. The resources that Region 7 and the program provide, have given me another set of resources to help me become the best teacher I can be."
Eric Thompson
"When I first enrolled in Region 7 EPP, I had no way of knowing the depth, breadth, and richness the program offered its participants. I firmly believe this program and the Region 7 ESC represent the future of education."
David Curry
"I received outstanding content at ESC 7 EPP. The schedule kept me on track and allowed me to easily network with other aspiring teachers. The combination of local connections and great people made ESC 7 a great choice for me."
Marshall Brown
"The relationships built between the Region 7 staff, first-year teachers, mentors, and administrators confirm Region 7’s commitment to the success of alternatively certified teachers."
Dawn Harris