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Field-Based Experience

Per TAC §228.35, TEA requires that all teacher candidates complete a minimum of 30 hours of Field-Based Experience (FBE) PRIOR TO an internship. FBE is defined as Introductory experiences for a certification candidate involving reflective observation of Early Childhood through Grade 12 students, teachers, and faculty/staff members engaging in educational activities in a school setting.
Up to 15 clock hours of FBE may be provided using electronic transmission or other video or technology-based methods. FBE must include 15 clock hours in which the candidate, under supervision, is actively engaged in instructional or educational activities that include:
  • authentic school settings in a public or private school accredited by the TEA
  • instruction by content-certified teachers
  • actual students in classrooms/instructional settings with identity-proof provisions
  • content or grade-level specific classrooms/instructional settings
  • written reflection of the observation
Candidates are subject to district policies when completing observations. If a candidate qualifies as a "Late Hire," the candidate has 90 days to complete the field-based experience.
A 30-day substitution experience in the same school setting may be submitted as field-based experience. Experience may occur after the candidate's admission to an EPP or during the two years before the date the candidate is admitted to the EPP. A letter on school letterhead from the campus principal is required for credit. A maximum of fifteen (15) hours of credit may be given.