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Dismissal and Exit Policy

Accepted applicants will sign a candidate agreement during orientation and before beginning the program. The agreement states that the candidate may be dismissed from the program. The following are possible reasons for dismissal:
  • Termination from a position under district board policy
  • Insubordination to program and/or district personnel
  • Unacceptable behavior identified in the Texas Educator’s Code of Ethics
  • Failure to comply with the school district’s rules or policies leads to concerns by the school administrator. (This applies to actions outside the classroom and in the classroom.)
  • Classroom incompetence based on appraisal results and evaluations by the building principal and Region 7 ESC education preparation program staff.
  • Failure to pay fees on time
  • Failure to show consistent and timely progress in coursework
  • Falsification of information or documentation (This includes sign-in/out sheets, observation reports, and other required documentation.)
  • Failure to comply with instructional requirements
  • Resignation by the teacher intern of their contracted position with a district
  • Removal from campus/district during Field-Based Experience or internship
  • Revocation of contract from the district
  • Failure to meet Region 7 ESC education preparation program requirements
The program director will investigate and determine if the candidate will be dismissed. Although the candidate may be placed on probation before dismissal, a candidate is not required to be placed on probation. 
Exit Policy
The candidate will complete and sign a resignation/withdrawal form and return it to the Region 7 EPP director within seven (7) days of the effective date. In the event of withdrawal/dismissal from the program, any amounts paid toward the required fee(s) are non-refundable.
The candidate must notify the program director in writing within ten (10) days if they are placed on administrative leave, asked to resign, or terminated from their teaching position. They shall include the documentation so the program director can determine possible dismissal. Failure to notify the program director by email within ten days of being placed on administrative leave, asked to resign, or terminated from the teaching position could result in dismissal from the program.
Region 7 EPP director will notify the school district if the candidate withdraws or is dismissed from the Region 7 EPP within ten (10) days of the effective date.