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Complaints and Appeals

The Region 7 Educator Preparation Program encourages stakeholders to discuss their complaints with appropriate program personnel who have the authority to address the concern. Complaints should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible level. Informal resolution shall be encouraged.

A formal public complaint is a signed written statement of complaints or concerns regarding the customer service provided by Region 7 Educator Preparation Program employees. A formal written public complaint must include the facts based on the complaint. For a complaint, please provide a written and signed copy to the Region 7 EPP office in person or by mail or email to:



1909 N. Longview St.

Kilgore, Tx 75662


Phone: 903-988-6700

Email: [email protected]


Region 7 EPP will not process anonymous or unsigned complaints. It is also essential to know that Region 7 EPP must verify the sender of complaints received by email. The sender must provide a full name, address, and phone number. Verification of the sender will be conducted by phone and documented in an email reply message to the sender.


Complaint Procedures

  1. Any complainant wishing to submit a complaint about the Region 7 EPP shall initially file a written formal complaint. If the complaint is against one of the Program staff, then the complainant should notify in writing within 14 days of the incident to the Director of the Region 7 EPP.
  2. The Director will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 10 working days. After the complaint is received, an investigation will take place. The investigative period may last up to 30 business days; extenuating circumstances may cause a deviation from the defined time frames.
  3. The Director shall conduct the investigation and gather all facts pertaining to the complaint. This procedure ensures a thorough investigation, allowing all parties to submit relevant evidence to the complaint.
  4. The Director shall send a written resolution to the complainant with the outcome(s), reason(s) for the decision, and any remedies afforded, if any, within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.
  5. If any complainant has an unresolved complaint and appeal decision regarding the Region 7 TPCP and wishes to report it to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). In that case, the complainant must follow the steps outlined by TEA. Information can be found on this website: Complaints Against Educator Preparation Programs | Texas Education Agency
If a candidate questions the decision of the Region 7 EPP staff relative to training or observations, a candidate may write to the program director to request an appeal. The appeal must be requested within 14 days of the situation. The program director will review the information, and if necessary, a conference may be requested with the candidate. A decision on the appeal request will be made within ten days of receipt of the request.